Spring Wedding at The Barns at Wolf Trap


Spring Wedding at The Barns at Wolf Trap

Daphne and Steve’s spring wedding was celebrated at the Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts Children’s Theatre and The Barns of Wolf Trap and was a day to remember. Their story begins at Princeton University, where Steve first noticed Daphne during a graduate class. She made a particularly good argument that caught his attention, and she’s continued to captivate him ever since. Their relationship blossomed into a friendship when they interned in Kenyon during the summer. The friendship turned to love once they returned to Princeton.

Daphne and Steve were in the midst of planning their special day on their own when they reached out . They had already decided their ceremony would take place at Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts Children’s Theatre and reception at The Barns at Wolf Trap. They had crafted a beautiful day,  but were having difficulty navigating the complicated logistics surrounding the day. The day, naturally, came with a lot of moving parts. A couple should never have to worry about logistics on their wedding day.  A planner is a good investment to ensure the day goes smoothly. I was able to connect the dots and analyze and troubleshoot some of the possible pit falls of their plan.

When the Weather is Unpredictable

Weather is unpredictable, having an outdoor wedding is always a gamble. As a planner, it is my duty to make sure there are multiple plans in case the wedding cannot happen outdoors. It is also my duty to ease the minds of the couple letting them know we will make the plan work. The week of the wedding, the weather decided to add a layer of complication and stress to our carefully, orchestrated plan for an outdoor ceremony in the woods. The rainy cold weather called for the creation of a back up plan. Together, we discussed and devised several plans for possible weather-related scenario’s. As a planner it is necessary to do all in my power to bring the couples vision to life, and to ensure the day runs smoothly no matter what the weather.

Early Saturday morning, the rain came to a halt, we were elated to be able to stick to the original plan of an outdoor wedding. While Daphne and Steve got ready for their day, I was at work making sure their plan went off without a hitch. The ceremony consisted of  beautiful details such as flower crown for the officiant and a simple, elegant birchwood arch. The flowers had pops of pinks and reds, and were as vibrant as the ribbon wands  the wedding guests waved to celebrate the newlyweds.

A Celebration Infused with Personality

While the ceremony was going on, preparations for the reception had been completed. It was essential to adhere to the timeline, as there were many unique aspects to their day. Daphne’s performance with her Turkish Dance Troupe an ode to her Turkish heritage and a late night snack of Juicy Lucy’s, a nod to Steve’s home state of Minnesota were just a few of the many personal touches. From start to finish, their wedding was a reflection of who they are both individually and as a couple. Having a wedding planner there to run the show alleviated any stress on the bride and groom and their families.

Working with Daphne and Steve’s vendors was a pleasure. They were flexible as we worked through all the weather related scenarios. We wish them all the best in their new adventure in marriage.

Wedding Planner: L.HavardEvents.com

Photographer: Aimee Custis

Music: Bachelor Boys Band

Makeup: Rachel Glorioso

Pies: Pie Sisters

Rentals: Something Vintage

Transportation: Fleet Transportation

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